Saturday, October 24, 2015

Planning for my first event

I started to plan for my first event in the month of September. I spoke with club leads, Mozilla Reps and RAL to know about how events are generally conducted, what is the standard procedure and stuffs like that. Vishwa, Khaleel, Karthic and Vignesh helped me throughout the process. The event was planned to be held at Madurai on November 25th. The event is about FOSS and general talks about web and Mozilla. People in and around Madurai were very interested in the event and approached me to help me with the event. We expect 50-100 participants in the event. The FSAs from Madurai got a venue for the event. I created an etherpad, formed a rough agenda and shared it with others. They started refining it and finally we had a perfect plan before us. It took nearly a month for me to do stuffs. I spoke with various people to gather lots and lots of information. We have also planned to have some interactive talks and games to make the participants more interested in the event and passionate about Mozilla. Now I am completely prepared and pumped up for the event. Looking forward to the event date.

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